Fashion, functionality, price, innovation, adaptability, openness, and fine customer service.

These are big words, but we mean every one of them.

At Montar, we take pride in creating a symbiosis of functionality, smart design, and price. That means supplying equipment and clothing to quality-conscious riders who are not accustomed to compromise. At Montar we think alike - we do not compromise.

We follow the latest trends in the world of fashion and are constantly renewing our collection. Therefore, our products are always smart and trendy. We are also aware, however, about the requirements of active riders for their equipment. Consequently, we focus equally on design, functionality, and safety.

Montar works with a number of hand-picked suppliers who produce our goods to our strict quality standards. This is not reflected in the price, because at Montar we believe that high quality does not necessarily mean a high price. So you can expect to get a bit more for your money when you choose Montar.

Our products are sold at stores all over the world.